Fee Schedule

Survey Fee Schedule

US $15.00 per ft. based upon documented length

Hourly for :  delivery to haul out and return: $65.00 per hour

Sea trial time:  US $65.00 per hour

Engine oil analysis at cost plus 15%, depending on the type of test requested

Travel to other ports:  call for estimate

Haul Out Bottom Inspection

Surveys are like insurance – but they can also save you money …

If you are intending to purchase, insure, finance, register, repair or commercially operate a sailing yacht or motor vessel you should be considering having a survey completed by a marine surveyor.

Statistics gathered from Insurance company boat claims suggest you may need one. The data indicated that 54% of all boat damage is a result of operator error. What might have happen to your dream boat?


Where do we carry out marine surveys?

If schedule permits, we travel to all West coast Mexican ports