Marine Surveyor

Richard Cummings

Surveys accepted by financial institutions, Essex Credit, Trident Funding, B of A, Chase, Wells Fargo, and others.Member of British Yacht Surveyors Panel, Brit Global Speciality On Behalf of Lloyds of London

I should like to introduce myself – my name is Richard Cummings and I am the founder of Marine Services Mazatlan and a recognized Marine Surveyor.I apprenticed under Master Surveyor  Dan Evans, in Seattle wa, from 1980 through 1984

I have been an independent surveyor from 1984 through 2017.

Richard Cummings surveying a sailing vessel in Mazatlan

As a Marine Services Mazatlan surveyor I work for you and and make it my mission to provide you with an honest and unbiased survey.

Types of Surveys:

Surveys for pre-purchase, insurance companies, (new policies and renewals), damage or collision,  and  financial instutions.  Accepted by Loyds of London, and every carrier when an application was been requested.  On going relationship with all major brokers, Blue Water, Mariniers General, American Marine.

Our Surveys include:

Sailing:  from the mast top to the bottom of the keel.  Total standing rigging inspection, running rigging, sails, hull, all systems, interior, includes haul out inspection for underwater equipment and hull.

Power:  same but no flying

All surveys include an estimate for the corrections needed

A determination of current market value based upon prior sales, vessels listed for sale, and corrections needed.

Survey process

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